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Choose gypsum ceiling with feng shui

The decorative plaster ceilings give the rooms in the house are now more family applications .

However, after assembly should choose patterns, shapes accordingly.
According to Cuong Pham Architect , Spring House Corporation , the decorative plaster ceilings are very popular today . It ensures aesthetic while covering the rafter system , the engineering pipeline . Because of a number of feng shui taboos shows , if the bed beneath the rafters , pipes are not good ... Also, gypsum ceiling also shows the owner's personality through the colors and decorative shapes .

However, the decorative plaster ceilings also need to consider the consistency and performance characteristics of each space accordingly. For example, for living room , dining room and it will change - positive so many decorative shapes in nature as circular motion , oval .

The space such as bedroom , office prone to static elements - sounds so much decorative motifs squares , rectangles . In ceiling decoration , especially for the bedroom should avoid too confusing forms , flashy colors , especially as to avoid sharp corners or rhombic -shaped array pierced triangular piece out of the main door or gate room .

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