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According to experts, the incubus is a normal phenomenon of sleep , not related to demons and not the good direction incubus also prone to sleep .


After repeatedly incubus , Nguyen Thi Ai , neighbors 5 , Quang Thanh, Thanh Hoa City to tell stories , and many people said it was due to " ghost " problem. To ask the shaman ceremony apparel new ghost out of the body , if not it will be dogged persistence , making her family deteriorated . However, according to experts, the incubus is a normal phenomenon of sleep , not related to the devil .
Bewildered because incubus !

Up to now , the family moved to a new house Ai has been for some time. The couple decorated the house feng shui for quite elaborately . But , " I do not understand why every night dreaming also . Every flutter sleep and waking provincial style . During this state , I saw the unknown creature shape makes my head like crazy , shortness of breath .

Although still awake , but I can not stirred limbs motionless, feeling as heavy object on the person . It took a long time I was up areas . The work that has been ongoing for a long time makes me very confused , "she said Ai .

Many people know the story , said that she was " ghost " possessed , advised her to go home invite shaman ceremony , to banish the ghost out , if not it will warm you , what kind of family you have catastrophe .

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Truong Tien , Chairman of the Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Vietnam said that the night sleeping sister Ai morning thus merely a manifestation of incubus , due to overwork , stress , the body is not healthy . No ghosts on her when we sleep . Ai She should not listen to people talk to " bait " the shaman " eat money " .

" According to feng shui theory , the people who are constantly incubus often own land because they are . So , when buying the land for the family to learn , watch carefully calculated and ways that land consistent with his age do not .

If the land is not a good position coming from the bad will affect homeowners . It affects health , sleep and eat everyone's job in the family , "Mr Tien said.

Located under the rafters is being incubus

Dr. Vu Khanh , General Director of Union Science and Applied Informatics ( UIA ) said : It is assumed that , by putting in place Bed rafters , beams should be sleeping incubus . According to Eastern philosophy , every human being is manifested by two elements : The entity ( see section material with appearances ) and the mind can ( physical part invisible to the naked eye can not see ) .

In the center there are 3 forms can be soul , astral and amber . More is always associated with the human body when alive, they died, " the soul leaves the body ." Chickened out and beats can also sometimes be " displaced " even if people live longer , so new sentence " Fear takes chickened " or " lost soul alluring amber " . Chickened out and be able to beat as a " cage " surrounding biological organisms . The magnitude of the " cage " that have close ties with the perception of the senses 6 .

Speaking intuitively when the gunfire was heard from afar was scared then , but with near deaf though still " not afraid of guns deaf " . When the senses are closed (such as when we sleep ) , the " cage " can be narrowed but it is still effective in distance from 2 - 3m .

The impact of the environment on biological organisms must first penetrate " the cage " is. Many of the environmental impact is less than biological organisms , which lies just to the new " cage " is now recognized body .

For example : When a new baby a few months old , a stranger to a few meters , but despite staring with the unfriendly attitude of fear and crying baby immediately , but when the mother ran back ( although also a few meters away ) that it has seen " reassuring " then .

" When we sleep under the rafters , beams , too . Though it does not directly impact on our bodies that can act on it and can beat chickened out , made ​​me feel like there is something to the effect , that people feel asleep estate . It's like a magnet , metal objects placed inside , when placed near each other will suck . rafters bed is as close as we have been feeling more incubus " Dr. Khanh explained .

Incubus has not been seen , but it " feels " very clear , almost everyone is incubus at least once in their lives . Some people claim that the incubus is often attributed chickened ball . Each species in the natural world have the " etched crystal " controlling each other , so that when met " engraved crystal " was immediately ' began chickened . " For example , centipede snails are seen not to be stunned cow although millipedes longer than a snail crawling fast .

Vulnerable to the negative direction incubus

Dr. Khanh said the negative direction incubus also prone to sleep . As the main gate or door facing down 3 down 4 produce a straight line hit home , especially in the cities . Then a secondary wave radiation , infrared rays and other types of off-road motorized vehicles will launch straight into the house , causing our bodies to feel stuffy , uncomfortable .

The state always in lightheadedness , dizziness . That's a huge impact on health , the easy night delirium occurs , when tired sleep .

" When you do choose a suitable location for designing doors and windows . Been taken to limit the feng shui elements to measure the structure housing , home furnishings should be made ​​up of flexible shapes , avoid sharp form shapes , colors , makes the mind antagonistic response .

Alternatively , the bedroom to the sensation of bewilderment , emptiness , small bedrooms to create a feeling too stuffy , cramped and prone incubus effect . Thus , moderate size bedrooms , square , away from the main entrance berths , not facing the kitchen or baths are the best . Do not sleep with bed under the wooden beams or girders , concrete girders . As in that prone position sense " far to " or " incubus " , Dr. Khanh share .
" Balls to the normal phenomenon of sleep , completely unrelated to the devil . Should we eat, work and exercise in moderation for good health , spiritual comfort. Additionally , when building or buy the necessary attention to the elements of feng shui as a guide , how to decorate furniture ... "

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Truong Tien
( Chairman of the Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Vietnam )

"We should place the right dog bed is best , because dogs feel special , away from the evil radiation flow . Conversely , cats often choose to place radioactive sources are intense . Coat its readily absorbed from the static charge . therefore we should avoid placing bed where the cat likes to sleep because incubus prone to hallucinations " 

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