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Should I put the eggs in the toilet quartz?

Family Nguyen Thach Ha ( Quang Nam ) inaugurated a new house but the toilet door straight back to bed .

The advice you to play in the toilet should have 3 discs quartz egg to cover bad gas escaping into the bedroom , not slide into bed ...
According to experts , in the modern design , most especially the bedrooms are closed circuit toilets in the room . Regarding very convenient to use but if cleverly designed not to cause adverse interactions bedroom . In it , a bad situation could name the head of the bed turned into toilet or toilet door straight into bed .

Where the head of the bed to the toilet , then turned compelled to move to another location to avoid impurity from the gas valve in the loading and affect the health and inconvenient when someone walked into the room .

The case of straight in bed , put the egg white quartz stone in WC not be much improved this situation but very expensive . Also, it does not necessarily hit the restroom or toilet door move to another area if the room is too tight can not rotate the bed .

The family can adopt some simple measures such as shielding the bathroom door , door edge higher as to separate the two spaces . In particular , when using the restroom door should always play

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