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Feng shui interior

Taboos when housing

When you build a house , people are often afraid to encounter risks as ' groundbreaking ' , but if a little attention to the feng shui elements , you can limit the risks normally see.

Do not build a house in the middle or near the road
According to feng shui theory should not build houses at the end because in this territory , the possibility of theft is quite large . Built at the end of the lane should not because this location is not convenient , when incidents occur with no way out , very annoying and dangerous .

According to the ancients , build a house near the intersection of painting would see the damage . Today, many people still believe in this concept because the position is not safe , accident prone , affect the safety of the people in the house .

Diets building on the triangular piece of land

According to feng shui , should not build a house on a triangular piece of land ( where the two roads meet ) because this position is not easy to make peace in the house , many conflicts occur and cause fire easily . Furthermore, building on the triangular piece of land not much economic as waste land and cause difficulties in the design of the room .

Diets housing foothills and canyon head

Do not select a location below the rocky mountains , foothills where connected to ground , or between the first two canyons as the site for the mountain because the risk of avalanche or flood water is very large . These places are quite beautiful scenery , but formed by two mountain canyons image to fans , many years monsoon rains , the river bottom sand deposition , weak foundation area and potential avalanche risk , high flooding .

Abstinence from planting to front door

Old people talking in front of large trees or power poles are an attraction for ancient trees make it difficult to go back , definitely positive on the gas , gas accumulation is difficult to sound out . Also, here is an opportunity to take advantage of the bad guys foliage shielding , easy climb to the civilian infrastructure and housing , troubling family .

Do not build a house too high

Housing is not too high four shielding surface , lack of privacy , psychological instability created in the home and create a gap around with. This type of housing is also no shade conditions , prevalent sound weak positive , positive not negative conditioning also affect the health of your family.

Walled houses built not too high

Walled houses too high is not the damage , but the layout makes the house feel trapped , will lead to poverty. The high walls to prevent theft but if the build process will cover high visibility from inside the house and create opportunity for thieves " do business " .

Regarding aesthetics , build walls too high also obscured windows , roof and roof , feeling urgent , difficult to get light and ventilation . So , when building , surrounded by a wall should not exceed 1,5 m high and about 50cm or more from home .

No housing near temples

Should abstain from building temples in the region because the temple spirits will be sucked up , not good for humans . In fact , many people close to temples to worship , burn incense , polluted atmosphere , not conducive to health . Therefore, when choosing housing location , should stay away from area temples , shrines ...

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